Thursday, June 18, 2020

Research Recruitment Processes and Adherence to the Laws - 275 Words

Recruitment Processes and Adherence to the Laws on Recruitment (Essay Sample) Content: Staffing Case StudyNameInstitution Of AffiliationInstructorDateAppropriateness of recruitmentThe Stars Hollow Hat Company is associated with inappropriateness in the recruitment processes. The task of recruitment is left to one person whereby in most cases it is not effective. Considering that the head of the CSRs had been recently promoted to the position it could not be wise enough to declare completely the duties of recruitment to herself only. Therefore from such acts, it risks the efficiency of recruitment of the qualified staff. The reason behind this is that her instincts might be wrong in a certain approach thus due to the lack of the sharing of ideas then inappropriate decisions might end up being made CITATION Hel15 \l 1033 (Helmrich, 2015). Moreover, the officer doesnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬t have adequate time to attend to all the applicants which inconveniences individuals who had come for the interview on the first day. Her competence is doubtable as it can be obser ved in the interview of the second client whereby she was asking questions but she did note the question down, and we realize her regrets later.Links between job description and selection assessmentThe Star Hollow Hat Company has been ineffectively engaged in the selection of the personnel through the mechanism the officer uses. From the observation made on the first person to be interviewed, he is selected due to the personal relationship between the officer and the parent of the job seeker. Therefore besides the qualification the individual there is bayous in the selection of the individuals who are suitable for the job. The officer physical judgment as observed in the case study might have disqualified some of the competent individuals for the position. Discussion of the personal attributes was not schedule for the interview and that it's why some of the interviews took longer than the other as the officer build rapport to share personal information with some of the job seekers. Identification of adverse impactThe officer recruiting the new personnel is obsessed with adverse effect practices. It is observed as she initially disqualified a certain employee due to the accent of her mother which she thinks her son might have. It was difficulty to communicate within the workplace. Such practices might prevent effective employees from joining the team. She never stated on the type of the employees wanted in the advert, but she used some irresponsible logics to eliminate some of the job seekers. Such practices should not be practices in the recruitment sessions. She even sends some of the interviewees back home.Compliance with applicable lawsFor any advertisement there should be the specification of timeline for when the interview shall be conducted....

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